Conversations with JAH!

by jonathonprince

Every since last May (2009) -while in deliberation of my 3rd run across the country- a conversation is had with -who seems- like a big brother to me. Out of no where, are his calls with valid points, kinda like Robert Horray in 4th quater. His insight from the outside in IS exactly what I need to release from the inside-out. The things I know better, but don’t act on, he always calls me out on. An all I can do is smh and agree. It seems like our convo are me saying: ‘Tru’. ‘Yep’. ‘I know right’. (and not in that order)

So much is credited to these talks and I grow increasingly wiser with each one. Where would my running be without these talk? Would I even still be consider running? One things for sure, I have no regrets of any time of day or opportunity to growth in mu mental, during my conversations with JAH!

Thanks Boss!