OWN Your Awesome!

by jonathonprince

Somewhere, somehow I made up that the only acceptable answers to the question “How are you?” are Fine, Okay, or Good.  Nothing more, nothing less.

The thing is, I don’t find those answers to be acceptable because most days I feel more than fine, more than okay, and more than good.  To be honest.  I feel amazing.  Seriously, all-encompassing amazing.

Yet, when asked this question in daily life, I still succumbed to the acceptable answer of “Good”.  I at least picked the most energized of the three.

Every time that I turned in my “good” though, I felt robbed.  I felt like I had thrown a big wool blanket over myself and this was not a feeling that I enjoyed.  So, why the F was I doing it?

I was allowing myself to dim my bright light, because I made up that in me expressing my pure, uninhibited joy it may make the asker feel bad about themselves.  Was I bragging?  Was I declaring that my day was better than theirs in vocalizing that it was amazing?  In admitting that I am amazing?

Well, that is just lame.  Who says that by stating that I am amazing it automatically means that they are not?  Who says that in letting my uninhibited joy show it will make them feel bad?  Who says it is wrong to feel amazing, to be amazing?

I am no longer buying into that way of thinking.

I choose to own my amazing.  I choose to own my joy.  I choose to own my awesome and by owning it, I spread it!

So, now when I get asked that question, no matter where I am, no matter who is asking, no matter what mood they appear to be in, I answer honestly.  I answer openly.   I answer, “I AM AMAZING!”

And you know what?  They love it!  It enlivens them.  It excites them.  It shakes them up.  Woah, what?  Being amazing is a possibility?

I have found that instead of creating jealousy.  Instead of opening up the door to judgments.  Instead of making the asker feel smaller, I am actually inviting them to join me.  I am holding the door wide open for them to step into their amazing.  I am holding the door wide open for them to own their awesome.

I no longer dim my bright light, with the thinking that I am accommodating others.  Instead, my light shines on and creates the space for others to step into it with me.

I invite you to take a look into your own life.  Where are you dimming down your bright light?   Where are you covering up your amazing?  Where are you stifling your awesome?  Step on into it.

Own your awesome.  Spread your awesome.  Because you know what?  You are awesome.