The Dream!

by jonathonprince

“It was all a Dream…

…that started as a female whipser, daring: “Catch Me If You Can”. A little blurry at first sight, but I was ready for an adventure. It was Cali, she had seduced me in the form of a 2 month summertime chase. Within her, lies my dream, and she dared me to find it. In no time, the attraction became evidant and her teasing took over causing me many sleepless nights, flirting with the endless possibilities. My hunt became irresistable. An so it is, that which started as a daring whisper led me to start a 4th of July ‘feel good’ chaser, running down the 795 mile California coast, just long enough for a new adventure & Summertime fling with the Dream…”

The Whisper continued: “…what if you left behind the old – current version of yourself, along with everything associated with it, (minus the bare essentials) and started a brand new life -Cold Turkey- progressing towards everything you’ve ever wanted, running away from the old you, down the 796 mile Coast of California to evolve into a new you?

I flirted with this question in every which way. Rearranging positions, from trying to justify being content, to convincing myself that ‘Silly Prince, dreams are for kids’, and that, ‘Adults don’t dream anymore, because they have grown up responsibilities.’ Then even more prototypical mortal-like responses followed:

“I can’t risk it all! What would happen to me, my life, all that I’ve got? ”
“What if I lost it all? An most importantly, I wondered,
“Are dreams even real, or just something that flirts with you throughout life long enough to get you by?”

I was disgusted with the excuses that poured out of me and realized fear moved in somewhere & doubt turned the lights on, these beliefs where here to stay.

After that night, I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind as it took over. I romanced the endless possibilities and found myself a sleepless insomniac asking questions like:

‘What if though?” or
“Whats the worst that could happen?”
“Is it truly possible that Dreams can really come true?” and lastly,
“Is there a connection between a  dream asleep, and the dream awake? I dared to find out.

But my tester Dream had to be specific & BIG enough so that my mind couldn’t justify it as a mere coincidence anymore. So I went IN:

“I Dreamed about what I would do if I raised $1Million Dollars!”

…and leaving myself completely open to how this dream would unfold before my waking life.

*Some adults may get offended with the honesty of this dream, but it’s probably becuase they have forgotten their own or lost the courage to earnestly go after what they want and would never dare share their grandest dream for the world to see, scrutinize or judge.