JP’s ‘Runnners Never Die’ Studio City Tattoo!

by jonathonprince

You ever visit a place that just ‘Felt Right”? When I walked into SCT for the first time after having driven by so many times past: Ventura Blvd. & Vineland I was shocked to feel like a regular during my first visit. Clay told me about his early days in business and gave me valuable lessons as well. ‘Integrity’ he said, ‘To do what you say you will, will get you far in business’ and that has always stuck out to me. Thanks Clay.

I met Duff, (The Artist) who was mysterious at first, but broke the ice when he got in Tattoo mode. A great guy to get ink by because he ensures that your comfortable the entire time. I was holding my breath during the most part of the outline, and he reminded me to relax and breath which changed EVERYTHING. I’m convinced that business is far beyond just offering a service, it’s the experience that makes a loyal customer committed and worthwhile. I’ll always get ink there, and you should too.

JP’s Tattoo & Tee shirt provided by:

Studio City Tattoo in Studio City, Ca. – 11032 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, Ca. 91604 – 818.769.4049