Cali Dreams – Week 1!

by jonathonprince

So the first week of California Dreams was one to remember. The details cannot be made up but the ‘feeling’ of a dream is what got me so excited. As I neared closer & closer to it. I felt the dream pulling towards me. It was this incredible tug that would not be denied and out of my control. You feel like your in the Flow, and the experiences followed, people wanted to share their dreams and below are a few stories:

One man met his true love in 1971, but they married different people and lived on separate coasts for decades. They kept in touch over the years and after many changes in their lives, they’re now together living in Northern California. His dream was to be with the love of his life — and he is.
Another man always dreamt of owning a used book store. He’s this close to his dream and is working the front desk at the Best Western and the local flee market to make it a reality.
I met a woman in a small coastal town in Northern California who by all appearances looked as though life hasn’t been easy for her. But when asked if she was living her dream, she smiled right away. She arrived there decades ago with four young children after her marriage failed. She worked at the general store for years to support her children until one day the owner asked her if she wanted to buy it. She secured a loan and now owns a charming general store right on the ocean. Another dream followed.
I met a housekeeper who quickly replied that she absolutely wasn’t living her dream at all. She became pregnant at just 14 years old. A virgin at the time, she didn’t know where babies came from. Struggling to make ends meet for her child, she found herself associated with the wrong crowd and was charged with a felony for stolen property via association with these people. She went to jail and now can only work limited jobs due to the charge. She always dreamt of being an attorney. Now she struggles day-by-day to just get by. As I told her, “It’s never too late to live your dream.”

Find your Love & Give your all and Go for it. You will never be happy within until you do…