by jonathonprince

If you haven’t noticed, life happens.  No matter how perfectly prepared and planned your life is set up to be – life – it happens.  No matter how secure you believe yourself and your life to be, you just never know what and when a change will come – a change that you do not want to welcome in.

Unexpected life and loss happens in many forms: loss of finances, loss of security, loss of partnership and loss of life itself.  Life happens; loss happens.  It is really easy to sink into these losses.  It is really easy to create that it is happening TO you.  How could this be happening?  What have I done to deserve this?  Why me?   What am I going to do now?

In my life, I have experienced many happenings (haven’t we all).  I have experienced many losses that were not part of a plan that I created.   They were not a part of a plan that I could ever see as wanting.  Instead of letting these losses, these surprises, these happenings crush me, I chose and continue to choose them all as gifts.  They certainly were not wrapped in attractive packaging, that made me want to rip into them, but they were all in fact gifts.

I believe that life is not happening to me, but for me – even when, or rather, especially when, it sure as hell does not appear to be showing up that way.  When these happenings feel completely incomprehensible as to be happening for me, that is when I really create a space for it to show up as a gift.   When it feels as if the bottom really has fallen out, when it feels as if there is no way of recovering, when I am completely at a loss, I know, I trust that it really all is happening for me.

Check out these examples of some unwanted happenings that you very well may get thrown at you and how you can see that they are really gifts:

Your partner, who you believe to be the love of your life, ends your relationship.

•      You get to rediscover who you are, what you like, what you want.

•      It is opening a space for your real true love to show up.

•      You get to fully take care of you, and then when you enter into your next relationship, you will be so much more open to receiving true love.

You lost your job.

•    It was not your dream job anyways or no longer was.

•      You get to start over!

•      You get to really discover what are my gifts?

•      You get to tap into discovering what you really want, how you really want to be of service?

Your life is happening for you.  Life happens.  Loss happens.  Whatever it is that is happening, trust, know, believe that it is a gift and that your life IS happening for you.  All of it.  Every last bit of it is happening FOR YOU.  Everything in your life, no matter how it is packaged, is a gift.  See that.  Know that.  Live that.

Much Love & Gratitude

Your Joyologist, Tricia