Let My People RUN!

by jonathonprince

After an epiphany the other day, I had to share this insight with you guys. Most people don’t Run, Walk or do ANYTHING active because they think it hurts…And of course they don’t know about insoles. With over 12,000+ miles I have run, people often ask me how I am able to think or even accomplish long distances across Cities, States and even North America 3x, for miles and miles at a time.

My only response is “Comfort”. I could not have run as far as I have and continue to run, without the appropriate insole technology offering the comfort to allow me to protect my feet and go the distance. This is what happened to me after -only- one day without OrthoLite’s.

In my humble opinion if you want to increase your walking and/or running experience, you need a few pairs of insoles for your new and aged favorite shoes. It truly is a game changer! Other Insoles feel weird and jelly-ish when you walk/run with them in which make for a bogus experience.

I use OrthoLite Insoles to go the distance, whether I’m walking (rare occasions) or running (favorite pass time) OrthoLite’s remain a constant in every pair of my shoes. I bet you didn’t know that during my runs across America, I changed my running shoes every 500miles, but my O Insoles lasted for 1,000 Miles+… #ThinkAboutIt.

If you want to improve your comfort as a lifestyle runner, walker, athlete or for every day use, I suggest you HERE to get yours now or call: 800.930.7762 and get active with an awesomely kool experience.

Jonathon Prince