Runners Exchange x Runner Profile

by jonathonprince

JP: Why do you RUN?
SC: Running for me use to be a “have to” as a pitcher in softball
and once my college career ended it became a “need to.” Today running provides me with many different avenues. At times I run to challenge myself on my own time and at my own pace. It helps me organize my
thoughts and it always helps me unwind after a long stressful day at work.

JP: What’s a day in the life, like for you?
SC: A typical day for me is pretty quiet and really just consists of work and then doing whatever I want or need to get done. When the days are long in the summer I love to run outside, preferably Lake
Merritt after work and then in the winter I’ll drag myself to the gym to get in some cardio and weight training. There are those days that I choose not to do either and I’ll meet a friend for dinner or a movie.

JP: What do you do for a living?
SC: I am a Clinical Research Coordinator in Pediatric Oncology. I absolutely love what I do and I feel very blessed to be a part of
something that makes a difference. My days at times can be really heavy and it’s never easy to lose a child. I’ve learned great lessons
from children who struggle with bigger issues, then I ever had or
hopefully ever will and they do it with a smile on their face.

These children give me great motivation to push through the times during my run when I’m struggling. They also have taught me that life though
unfair at times can still be enjoyed.
JP: Awesome! Work + Substance. Love it.

JP: What’s the hardest part about running for you?
SC: There are two things that I struggle with when it comes to
running and I would be lying if I told you I ran every day. So, there are times when I struggle to get back into my running zone. Every runner knows the pain of the first week of runs after taking time off. There is nothing more miserable then not being able to breathe when
all you want to do is enjoy the run. The second is being disciplined to get off the pavement when my knees start hurting and finding an alternate cardio route. I dread getting on a bike or stair climber at
the gym but I know if I want to continue my runs outside, throughout my life, I have to be willing to take a break.

JP: What do you think about Ortholite Insoles?
SC: I’ve known JP for awhile and he was always talking about Ortholite Insoles, posting pictures, posing with them, cuddling with them at night, etc. Long story short he loves them and all jokes aside I knew if JP believed in these insoles
then I should try them out, so I bought a pair. I love my OrthoLite Insoles and make sure to put them in any running shoe that I may have on that day.

JP: Cuddling huh?lol.

JP: What size shoe do you wear?
SC: I wear a size 10 but thankfully at 5’11” they don’t look that big.

Shout Out to Sarah Chamberlain for a glimpse into her world.

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