The Griddle Experience:: Sunset Location :: FAMOUS FRENCH TOAST

by jonathonprince

The Griddle :: Sunset
My Team and I all split the Nutella French Toast, Pancakes and a bunch of scrambled eggs on the side. The french toast was rich and decadent, and it was the perfect portion for the two of us. I would recommend sharing food here since the portions are gigantic. It also makes it easier to order side dishes like eggs or turkey bacon (which I’ve heard is particularly amazing here) since it’s sometimes hard to eat these rich pancakes and french toast on their own.

Be prepared to wait in line, especially during the weekends. But the lines are very organized, and it seemed to move quickly. The Griddle is definitely worth the wait!

In short, my synopsis of The Griddle off SUNSET is amazing! The food never lets me down- they give large portions and the flavors are always like a party in your mouth! They are always busy but have great service and turn tables fairly quickly so you aren’t waiting extremely long – the wait is always worth it though; I guarantee they won’t disappoint!