Jonathon Prince, a Las Vegas native, was born September 20, 1980. The youngest of three boys, Jonathon was always the precocious one, eager to learn and embark on new adventures. However, at the tender age of two, his parents divorced and the pitfalls that come with being a child of a single mother followed. Constant struggle surrounded the family with everything from unpaid electric bills to living in the backyard shed of a family friend. Despite such difficult times, Jonathon grew up full of ambition. He focused his energy toward making his mother proud by not falling victim to the pressures of gangs and violence that had temporarily captured the intrigue of his two older brothers. Instead Jonathon became actively involved in the community. He committed to follow his own path and vowed to challenge most of the things that were easily accepted by his peers and the rest of society if it didn’t feel right in his heart. He began dreaming of a better world and sought training in leadership.  During that time, he was always taught to “speak up”, “be first”, and “be the change you want to see in the world”.

Once out of high school Jonathon attended Clark Atlanta University where he learned the very first lessons of becoming independent. With the dream of studying television and film, he found himself 2,000 miles away from home, 17 years old and homeless. Unwilling to return home, Jonathon decided to stay focused on his goal of continuing school, which meant sleeping on the couches and floors of friends’ apartments. Atlanta presented a difficult life in many ways. While attending college Jonathon was robbed at knifepoint, evicted from his apartment and left for dead after being the victim of a late night hit and run. Throughout all of this misfortune, Jonathon still proved to be a fighter and refused to accept defeat. Heavily immersed in both physically and financially demanding times, Jonathon continued on his path. Once finishing his college career Jonathon move to Los Angeles, CA were he worked in reality television and quickly moved up the ranks, starting as a casting cameraman and rising to story producer.

Living the American dream, Jonathon continued to reach for more. Wanting to change his life’s ambition and find a way to aid the lives around him, Jonathon went into a period of reclusion and reflection. Then a sudden act of devastation occurred when a massive hurricane hit the gulf coast killing thousands. At that moment, Jonathon realized that his current woes meant very little compared to those effected by hurricane Katrina. Thus, Jonathon decided to run with the only hope of making it to Atlanta and inspiring those effected by the hurricane to hold on to what lives they had left. Jonathon began the run from Studio City, CA on October 6, 2005.

Months later, Jonathon saw there was still more to be done, and despite being injured in a horrible automobile accident, three weeks later, he set out on a run from Atlanta to New York City commemorating the one-year anniversary of hurricane Katrina.  These two runs resulted in $100,000 in cash and in-kind donations to agencies rebuilding in the gulf coast.

In 2009, Jonathon’s tireless efforts toward humanity were fueled by another tug on his heart. He felt more needed to be done to inspire people to choose hope during times of adversity. The turmoil associated with increasing foreclosure rates and skyrocketing health care costs left many Americans feeling defeated. America as a whole needed more support in terms of understanding and compassion, yet no one was publicly bestowing it. Thus, Jonathon decided to run again to be that beacon of hope. This time, his run followed the route along Highway 10 through California all the way to Washington, DC.

On July 4, 2011, Jonathon embarked on “California Dreams,” a 60-day, 795-mile solo run invoking the spirit of positive change.  “Dreams” marked his fourth major run. During “California Dreams,” Jonathon was photographed by famed photographer Ben Watts for Edun’s Fall 2011 campaign.  Edun is the socially-conscious fashion brand created by Bono and his wife Ali Hewson.  Jonathon was recognized for his style and substance.

Just weeks after completing “California Dreams,” Jonathon announced a plan to achieve his ultimate dream:  to become the pioneer space athlete to run the first mile on the Moon.  “Mile On the Moon,” is a dedication to all mankind on planet Earth as an inspiration project to dream Big Dreams and realize that the sky is no longer the limit to human potential.

Jonathon plans to rebuild the excitement and optimism that defined the first forays into space nearly 50 years ago.  “MoM” will unfold over several years of intensive training, strategic partnerships and global outreach, with the goal of completing the first-ever mile on the moon.

Jonathon has courageously devoted his life to humanity, pledging to lend his services in any way he can. As a young Philanthropist, Jonathon believes that there are plenty of resources in the world for everyone to be able to live without hunger and despair. Living 100% accountable and fully responsible for his life’s decisions, he has lived, grown and learned to make the most of any situation, whether positive or negative – there’s always lessons to be learned. Courage, Faith and Action best describe Jonathon’s creed.  It takes Courage to act on Faith, and Action to make dreams become a reality.